About Katie

I’m Katie Walter, the creator behind The Flawsome Gal. I'm a mommy to a 5 year old spunky girl, a wife, a network marketer, esthetician, boutique owner, ranching enthusiast and Jesus lover! 
A little more about me? 
I am not a morning person and have a strong love for coffee and carbs! I also have an deep attraction for anything turquoise!
In 2012 I married my high school sweetheart, Kyle. He's my best friend and my biggest supporter. In 2013 we started our family with one strong willed little girl, Kinley Grace. In September of 2019 we added another spunky little girl to our tribe, Kambrie Faith.

When we are not working on the ranch we love to travel and create memories together. 
I am blessed to say that I work from home full time these days! That was not always my story though. I have had many different career paths since high school. Just to name a few I was an insurance agent and billing/pricing manager. That was before I decided that I was just not meant to be an employee. I realize that so many people feel that exact same way but they never act on it. Well I am one of those people that just GO FOR IT. So I jumped into a field I knew little about and got my Esthetician License. All I knew is that I wanted to help people feel beautiful. Suffering from skin problems myself I knew what a hit to your self confidence it could be. What better way to make people feel better! 
I started my spa out in a small 2 room studio. If you know me personally you know that I have BIG DREAMS and usually nothing can hold me back. I decided that I needed a larger space and moved locations and eventually ended up on our Main Avenue and opened a boutique and Spa, a huge accomplishment for me! Sadly, I got in a little over my head. With steep rent prices and little knowledge of how to run such a large store by myself, we started to struggle. That's when God placed an unexpected opportunity in my lap. Network Marketing has always been something I believe in and been apart of. Never finding a company I was able to really make a difference with, I hopped around to just get discounts.  
What can you expect from this blog? 
Well a lot of heart to hearts. I want women to know that we are all perfectly flawed, and each of us were created for a greater purpose. I strive to help women embrace their flaws and be AUTHENTICALLY MESSY!
The Flawsome Gal is going to be a place you find the truth talks that no one wants to have. On a lighter note you will find all my beauty favorites, recipes, network marketing truths and so much more! 

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