Saturday, March 21, 2020

My Top 8 Books to Read During Quarantine

If your anything like me there is a bookshelf full of dusty, unopened novels and self help books that have been collecting over the years. You stare at them in hopes that one day the world will slow down enough for you to get lost in the words written on those pages.

Let me first say that my bookshelf might differ a little bit from yours. You are not going to find many fiction novels on my shelf. Except for my growing collection of John Grisham. I prefer self help and motivational reads. If that's not your thing, well girl, you do you! However, I do highly recommend allowing your self to spend a few hours diving into one of these books on this list.

Now there are many books that I would recommend on Audible but I will keep that for another list. For this list I went straight to the bookshelf and pulled these ones down for you!

1. You Are The Girl For The Job- Jess Connolly
Now I might be a little partial to this book by Jess Connolly right now as I am doing my second bible study with it. This book is going to light a fire deep down in your soul that is going to help you go after all those dreams that you think are too big and encourage you to live out your God-given purpose! I also highly encourage you to go grab yourself the study book that goes along with this book.

2. Uninvited- Lysa TerKeurst
This book just happened to fall in my shopping cart at just the right time and I am ready to read it again. Have you ever felt rejected? How about left out, less than or lonely? Well this book is going to be one that your going to want to add to your Amazon cart right now!  Lysa helps to remind you that you are LOVED more than you can ever imagine!

3. Beginners Pluck*- Liz Forkin Bohannon
Okay, this one is just one of those books that has you silently giggling at her honesty. If you are a dreamer or a doer then this book is for you as it will help you figure out those next steps.

4.The 5 Love Languages- Gary Chapman
I actually have not one but TWO copies of this book currently sitting on my bookshelf. Yes, it is that good that for some reason I thought one copy was not sufficient. EVERYONE should read this book, even the men in our lives. Do you know your love language?

5.The Best Yes- Lysa TerKeurst
The second book on the list by Lysa. I can gaurentee that I am not the only person that gets overwhelmed with the demands that are put on them. It took this book for me to understand that YES and NO are some of the most powerful words that we speak. Learning what to say yes to is KEY!

6. Boundaries- Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
Have you been focusing more on being loved and giving then protecting your own boundaries? This is another read that everyone should put on their list. They talk about why we should have physical, mental and emotional and emotional boundaries.

7. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived- Steven K. Scott
I was skeptical when I picked this book up. However, it turned out to be one of the most intriguing books I have ever read. Too much to try to summarize but this verse is one I had highlighted.
Where there is no vision, the people will perish. -Proverbs 29:18

8. Right Of Thirst- Fran Huyler 
Okay, I threw a fiction one in for you! I tossed this one on the pile because it is honestly one of the only fiction books I have read more than once. Must mean it is a good one and worthy of the number 8 slot!

Keep in mind this is a list of my personal favorites and might not be at the top of everyone's list. Before you judge a book by it's cover I encourage you to take this down time to dive into one of these books!!

Happy Reading!

xo- Katie

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