Monday, March 23, 2020

Building Challenge

Day One! It's official I am homeschooling Kinley. As most of the parents out there that were unexpectedly thrown into teaching our kids, I feel out of my league and slightly overwhelmed. 

One thing I think everyone should keep in mind is that this is NEW to all of us, so give yourself mountains of GRACE during this time. Don't compare yourself to what everyone else is doing and defiantly don't try to revamp your entire house to a classroom for your child's class. Remember for most people this is going to be a temporary solution to a chaotic situation. 

I could tell right away that Kinley was craving structure and missing her classroom schedule. I decided that it would be easier on both of our emotions if we implemented some kind of schedule. 

Everyday I will be doing a project with Kinley and will share it here or on social media. If you are looking for simple, free/affordable and quick projects to do with your kiddos then follow along with us! 

Here was today's project! 




 Bag of Marshmallows

Kinley was pumped for this project! I think her excitement came from the fact that I purchased fruity marshmallows that she was pumped to shovel in her mouth! 

We started by building simple shapes for the base- squares and triangles. Very quickly I realized that she was way past the basic shapes and she started rambling off shapes I hadn't known since my years in school! 

After building a few more shapes for the base, we moved onto connecting them to form a wider base (a building principle we learned while tower building is a wide base is a sturdy base).

Try building marshmallow towers with your kids. 

Will they be more intrigued with artistic design, with the challenge of height or will they just decide to eat the entire bag.

We only snacked on a few marshmallows during the building stage, we still have half a bag left to do some more challenges in the future. 

If you decide to try this project as always make sure to snap a few pictures and tag me on social media!

Happy Building!! 

xo- Katie

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