Sunday, November 3, 2019

To My Oldest: Thank You For Being Sissy

To My Oldest,

I have been watching you with your little sister, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.

Like when I haven't taken a shower in three days, and I ask you to play with her. I love how you scoop her up and take her to wherever your playing and make sure she is in your sight at all times. You already are teaching her to color inside the lines and how your latest LOL doll gets dressed.

Thank you for expanding her world already.

Like when I dropped all the groceries on the floor. You sprung into action, picked her up out of her car seat and took her into the living room so I could focus on cleaning everything up.

Like when I had a weeks worth of dishes and laundry piled up and it would go so much quicker with out the newborn in my arms. I love how with out question you offer to lay with her and just hold her until she fell asleep.

Thank you for being independent enough to play in your room alone while I nap with sissy after a restless night of no sleep. Without making a mess that I will later have to clean.

Thank you for being a WONDERFUL big sister.

Like when it's time for me to make dinner and your sister also decides she is hungry. Again, without any complaining you drop what you are doing and sit with her and feed her a bottle.

Like when it's bed time and every one is cranky and ready to shut our eyes. You used to be the focus of bed time but sometimes you get ignored. You realize that mom and dad have to give sissy a little more attention. So instead of crying you go grab a book and read and sing to your sissy until its time for us to tuck you in for the night.

I remember when I was pregnant with your sister that the fear started to set in. The fear that you would feel neglected, left out, and invisible. Thank you for setting all those fears to rest for me. You were born to be a big sister and have never taken the job lightly.

For the countless times that you have already buckled your sister into her car seat, soothed her while she cried, rocked her to sleep, sang to her, read to her, changed her diaper and whispered how much you loved her into her ear. I see you helping, and I appreciate it so much.

Some days I know you feel invisible and get frustrated that your no longer the center of attention. I want you to know that I SEE YOU- all your likes, dislikes, interests and most importantly your heart.

Thank you for being the big sister that I prayed for. <3

A Blessed Momma

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