Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In A World Of Hate

I roll over and rub my drowsy eyes to check what time it is, 3 AM. A full hour since I last rolled over. 

My 2 month old is crying and all she wants is to be snuggled up right against my chest. I find myself wishing she would just sleep in her own area and let me get some sound sleep. Wishing she would just take her pacifier and stop kicking me. 

I open my phone while she is nuzzled up against me. Complete and total devastation. That's what one family was experiencing while I am complaining about holding my baby instead of sleeping. 

Life can be taken from us in a blink of an eye. 

These mother's woke up (probably tired), fed, dressed and loaded up their precious kids into their vehicle.
Little did these families know it would be their last trip together. 

These mother's were probably behind the wheel wishing their kids would stop fighting with each other. 
Little did these children know that it would be the last time they would ever argue with each other. 

Miles away the father's had no idea that their families were driving into destruction. 

The kids were more than likely asking over and over... "Are we there yet". 
Little did this family know that they would never reach their destination. 

The spouses will never hear their wives voices again. The surviving children will never feel their mothers embrace again. Because we live in a world of hate. 

So while you are complaining through the mundane activities with your children, wishing they would give you a moment to yourself...

STOP, thank GOD that you get the PRIVILEDGE of hearing their voice and feeling their embrace. 

Drop what your doing, it can wait, and HUG your loved one. Tell them that you LOVE THEM

Because in a World Of Hate you can be taken from them or them from you.

Because in a World of Hate we have to be the BEACONS OF LIGHT!!!! 

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