Monday, November 4, 2019


Comparison... what's the saying... oh yes.. THE THIEF OF JOY

No matter how great your life is and how successful you are, comparing yourself to others makes it incredibly easy to forget to celebrate and embrace your own journey.

How many times did you compare yourself to another woman today?

 Well don't be too hard on your self; comparing yourself to others is HUMAN NATURE. Why do you think it is such a relatable topic in today's society. The Daily Mail recently published an article that stated that women put themselves down at least EIGHT times PER day! Comparison is a detrimental habit and needs to be broken!

In all honesty, this has been one of my MAIN battles the past few years. I work my business almost completely on social media, which means a lot of my time can be consumed by comparing myself and my success to others. The same ol' questions of self doubt creep in each time. Why am I not as far as she is? Why can't I look that skinny? How come they look perfect ALL THE TIME? How the heck do they have their kid dressed impeccably 24/7, when I can barely get mine out of her pajamas? 

Suddenly, I am DISCOURAGED with my own progress, even if I am totally killing it. I then begin to doubt my abilities to achieve my goals. 

So many of us are comparing the beginning of our journeys with someone else's ending. 
All we see on Instagram or Facebook is the result of their journey. You have no way of knowing what they went through to get to that point. More than likely they had to deal with the same obstacles that are facing you. The only thing that really lays between you and the people that you are comparing yourself too is PERSEVERANCE. Our society is becoming so easily discouraged because we want instant gratification; wanting the success with out putting in the elbow grease. 

I don't know about you but it is not very often that I am posting pictures of myself with no make up, in my pajamas, hair a mess, bags under my eyes and letting people in on the fact that I can barely motivate myself to brush my teeth. 

 So why do we think that what we are seeing on social media is the normal and we are the exception. We are just seeing a high light reel, the best of the best. We are not seeing the 45 other pictures it took to get that one amazing one. We are not hearing enough stories of truth. The stories that inspire us to persevere. Yes, the ones of heart ache, failures, the moments of tears, and the days we cant pull our self out of bed. Our society has only made it acceptable to show the best of our lives. In reality if we heard and saw each other's truth we would realize that we are all dealing with moments of comparison and discouragement.

Let's be honest. There will ALWAYS be moments that we feel inadequate in areas of our lives.

You have to decide if you are going to dwell in that moment or if you are going to use it as fuel. 
Decide if you are going to take note of what exactly it is that you are jealous of and then create a plan of attack to get there. 

If you want her body... Go to the gym and eat healthier. 
If you want her rank/job... work harder or be open to opportunities.  
If you want her bank account... set goals and be diligent. 
If you want her relationship... work harder on yours.

and Remember...

Psalm 139:13-14

You have every thing it takes to be everything you desire.  You are literally a ONE OF A KIND version of YOU! I mean how amazing is it that the same God that created the mountains, oceans and galaxies thought the world needed you too!  Our god is loving, so loving in fact that you has given us all the tools to get through the discouragement that the comparison trap brings. 

When you find your self in hopeless moments of comparison, take a step back and think that there is always someone comparing themselves to YOU; thinking you have what they desire. 

Embrace your flaws and live authentically in your truth!

XOXO Katie 

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