Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Newborn Must Haves

Diapers, swaddles, toys, bouncers, car seats, and the list goes on and on. Having a new born takes a lot of planning and preparing. Between what diapers to use or whether your baby is going to be breast fed or formula fed. That is why there are so many baby products on the market today. Every family is different in what is best for them. 

With the baby product market expanding daily mom and dads are sear
ching for opinions on which products are necessities and which ones are a total waste of money.

I have made it thru the newborn stage twice now and think I have found the perfect, but minimalistic list of the MUST HAVES to make life with your newborn easier. 

Keep in mind this is just one momma's opinion. I searched the internet for hours doing research and bought suggested products that others loved and I hated them. It really is just a guessing game on what your new born will need or like. 

Let's get started! 

1) Haakaa Breast Pump.  I had never heard of this miracle contraption until my second pregnancy. This truly makes the breast feeding experience so much more enjoyable. Honestly, I received more milk from this with my let down then I did with my breast pump. It is affordable and such a simple addition to your diaper bag.

2) Gripe Water. I swore by this my first child and it continues to be a staple with this child as well. It helps with upset tummy, hiccups colic and overall fussiness. 

3) Probiotic Drops. In addition to the gripe water we added in these drops daily with our second. We have had no colic problems and very minimal tummy issues, I would say that this is a must have to keep your new born happy.

4) Nose Frida. I am not going to lie I was scared of this one when I first purchased it. However, the ones they give you from the hospital disgust me, there is no way to clean it. Gross. This is really easy to use and gives your baby such relief from a stuffy nose. No worries, there is a filter that stops all the gunk. 

5) Rock n' Play. Another item that I swear by. Really any type of swing. However, this one has been my favorite. Both of our girls refused to sleep in the bassinet the first couple months. While many might not approve of letting your new born sleep in a swing I love it. They sleep soundly for almost 7 hours in the swing, making both of us very happy!

6) Doc A Tot. A new addition to this new born season. I purchased ours used as  I was nto sure that they were worth the investment. Well my verdict is while it is a spurge if you can find a used one in good condition it is totally worth it. I love the fact that it is so portable and makes them feel snuggled. 

7) Boppy. This is a no brainer. Not only is this amazing for breast feeding and in my opinion a TOTAL MUST HAVE; it is also an amazing prop for your new born. We love to sit our little girl in this and talk to her. It elevates her just enough and we feel confident walking away. 

8) Zip Sleepers. Game changer for those middle of the night diaper changes. Really any brand will do but having the zipper really makes things so much simpler. You get to the point where you can change the diaper in your sleep. 

9) Water Wipes. I LOVE LOVE these wipes and not sure I will ever use anything else. We were gifted some Huggies and pampers wipes and they are just not the same. I find myself using twice as many wipes for the same job with the other brands. I feel confident that what I am placing on my baby is safe. 

10) Sound Machine. I found this especially useful in the first couple weeks. I had a sound machine with the heart beat option and it was her favorite. Now she likes the lullabies on her swing the best. 
Here is the one I love as it also has a projector feature and is affordable. 

I hope that this list helps you feel a little more prepared for that beautiful new addition. 



Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Your Spiritual Gift

Ever wake up and have a feeling that there is something that your missing? That you are not living your life to the full potential? That you are not giving God the glory he deserves? 

Well of course you have! We all have those thoughts. However, a majority of people just sit on that feeling without ever digging any deeper.

So I ask you... are you going to find out what is missing? Are you willing to dig deeper? 

God gives everyone a gift, but it is up to us to discover what that gift is, how to use it and how to make it grow into something larger than we could ever imagine. 

Spiritual gifts are not nearly as complicated as they sound from the name. They are literally just the natural abilities that God has specially gifted you with. 

"In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, teach well. If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you the leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly." Hebrews 12:6-8

What do you love doing? What makes you feel more like "you" when you do it? 

Your interests matter, because just like talents, God has given you interests for a purpose. It is likely that many of your talents and interests intersect. 

Stop waiting for PERFECTION to start serving using your talents. The most dangerous way we sabotage ourselves is waiting for the perfect moment to begin. Nothing works perfectly the first time, or for the first ten times for that matter. Everything has a learning curve. The beginning is just that- the beginning. Surrender your desire to do it flawlessly the first try. Learn to learn from failing and begin today! 

If your looking for a starting point, start by taking this short test to find out what your spiritual gift is! 

I look forward to hearing all of your feedback on your journeys! 



Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In A World Of Hate

I roll over and rub my drowsy eyes to check what time it is, 3 AM. A full hour since I last rolled over. 

My 2 month old is crying and all she wants is to be snuggled up right against my chest. I find myself wishing she would just sleep in her own area and let me get some sound sleep. Wishing she would just take her pacifier and stop kicking me. 

I open my phone while she is nuzzled up against me. Complete and total devastation. That's what one family was experiencing while I am complaining about holding my baby instead of sleeping. 

Life can be taken from us in a blink of an eye. 

These mother's woke up (probably tired), fed, dressed and loaded up their precious kids into their vehicle.
Little did these families know it would be their last trip together. 

These mother's were probably behind the wheel wishing their kids would stop fighting with each other. 
Little did these children know that it would be the last time they would ever argue with each other. 

Miles away the father's had no idea that their families were driving into destruction. 

The kids were more than likely asking over and over... "Are we there yet". 
Little did this family know that they would never reach their destination. 

The spouses will never hear their wives voices again. The surviving children will never feel their mothers embrace again. Because we live in a world of hate. 

So while you are complaining through the mundane activities with your children, wishing they would give you a moment to yourself...

STOP, thank GOD that you get the PRIVILEDGE of hearing their voice and feeling their embrace. 

Drop what your doing, it can wait, and HUG your loved one. Tell them that you LOVE THEM

Because in a World Of Hate you can be taken from them or them from you.

Because in a World of Hate we have to be the BEACONS OF LIGHT!!!! 

Monday, November 4, 2019


Comparison... what's the saying... oh yes.. THE THIEF OF JOY

No matter how great your life is and how successful you are, comparing yourself to others makes it incredibly easy to forget to celebrate and embrace your own journey.

How many times did you compare yourself to another woman today?

 Well don't be too hard on your self; comparing yourself to others is HUMAN NATURE. Why do you think it is such a relatable topic in today's society. The Daily Mail recently published an article that stated that women put themselves down at least EIGHT times PER day! Comparison is a detrimental habit and needs to be broken!

In all honesty, this has been one of my MAIN battles the past few years. I work my business almost completely on social media, which means a lot of my time can be consumed by comparing myself and my success to others. The same ol' questions of self doubt creep in each time. Why am I not as far as she is? Why can't I look that skinny? How come they look perfect ALL THE TIME? How the heck do they have their kid dressed impeccably 24/7, when I can barely get mine out of her pajamas? 

Suddenly, I am DISCOURAGED with my own progress, even if I am totally killing it. I then begin to doubt my abilities to achieve my goals. 

So many of us are comparing the beginning of our journeys with someone else's ending. 
All we see on Instagram or Facebook is the result of their journey. You have no way of knowing what they went through to get to that point. More than likely they had to deal with the same obstacles that are facing you. The only thing that really lays between you and the people that you are comparing yourself too is PERSEVERANCE. Our society is becoming so easily discouraged because we want instant gratification; wanting the success with out putting in the elbow grease. 

I don't know about you but it is not very often that I am posting pictures of myself with no make up, in my pajamas, hair a mess, bags under my eyes and letting people in on the fact that I can barely motivate myself to brush my teeth. 

 So why do we think that what we are seeing on social media is the normal and we are the exception. We are just seeing a high light reel, the best of the best. We are not seeing the 45 other pictures it took to get that one amazing one. We are not hearing enough stories of truth. The stories that inspire us to persevere. Yes, the ones of heart ache, failures, the moments of tears, and the days we cant pull our self out of bed. Our society has only made it acceptable to show the best of our lives. In reality if we heard and saw each other's truth we would realize that we are all dealing with moments of comparison and discouragement.

Let's be honest. There will ALWAYS be moments that we feel inadequate in areas of our lives.

You have to decide if you are going to dwell in that moment or if you are going to use it as fuel. 
Decide if you are going to take note of what exactly it is that you are jealous of and then create a plan of attack to get there. 

If you want her body... Go to the gym and eat healthier. 
If you want her rank/job... work harder or be open to opportunities.  
If you want her bank account... set goals and be diligent. 
If you want her relationship... work harder on yours.

and Remember...

Psalm 139:13-14

You have every thing it takes to be everything you desire.  You are literally a ONE OF A KIND version of YOU! I mean how amazing is it that the same God that created the mountains, oceans and galaxies thought the world needed you too!  Our god is loving, so loving in fact that you has given us all the tools to get through the discouragement that the comparison trap brings. 

When you find your self in hopeless moments of comparison, take a step back and think that there is always someone comparing themselves to YOU; thinking you have what they desire. 

Embrace your flaws and live authentically in your truth!

XOXO Katie 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

To My Oldest: Thank You For Being Sissy

To My Oldest,

I have been watching you with your little sister, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.

Like when I haven't taken a shower in three days, and I ask you to play with her. I love how you scoop her up and take her to wherever your playing and make sure she is in your sight at all times. You already are teaching her to color inside the lines and how your latest LOL doll gets dressed.

Thank you for expanding her world already.

Like when I dropped all the groceries on the floor. You sprung into action, picked her up out of her car seat and took her into the living room so I could focus on cleaning everything up.

Like when I had a weeks worth of dishes and laundry piled up and it would go so much quicker with out the newborn in my arms. I love how with out question you offer to lay with her and just hold her until she fell asleep.

Thank you for being independent enough to play in your room alone while I nap with sissy after a restless night of no sleep. Without making a mess that I will later have to clean.

Thank you for being a WONDERFUL big sister.

Like when it's time for me to make dinner and your sister also decides she is hungry. Again, without any complaining you drop what you are doing and sit with her and feed her a bottle.

Like when it's bed time and every one is cranky and ready to shut our eyes. You used to be the focus of bed time but sometimes you get ignored. You realize that mom and dad have to give sissy a little more attention. So instead of crying you go grab a book and read and sing to your sissy until its time for us to tuck you in for the night.

I remember when I was pregnant with your sister that the fear started to set in. The fear that you would feel neglected, left out, and invisible. Thank you for setting all those fears to rest for me. You were born to be a big sister and have never taken the job lightly.

For the countless times that you have already buckled your sister into her car seat, soothed her while she cried, rocked her to sleep, sang to her, read to her, changed her diaper and whispered how much you loved her into her ear. I see you helping, and I appreciate it so much.

Some days I know you feel invisible and get frustrated that your no longer the center of attention. I want you to know that I SEE YOU- all your likes, dislikes, interests and most importantly your heart.

Thank you for being the big sister that I prayed for. <3

A Blessed Momma

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