Friday, November 16, 2018

8 Tips For Black Friday

Do you wait all year for Black Friday?
Or do you avoid the crowds and the ads? 

No matter how you feel about Black Friday there are some amazingly good deals to be had during this over produced sales weekend. 

Personally, I am more of an online shopper. Every once in awhile you can find me bundled up and carrying around an extra large coffee waiting to snag the items on my list. 

This year I plan on joining the crowds and tackling my Christmas wishlist's. 

Here are a few of my {Tips and Tricks} for Black Friday shopping! 
Make sure to also check out the next post for the best deals I have found so far. 

1) Gather your Christmas Wish Lists 

We all have people on our lists to get presents for during the holiday season. Get an idea of what you want to purchase for each of them and put them all on a MASTER LIST. This master list is going to help you get all your loved ones exactly what they want/need! 

2) Make Your Budget 

If your anything like me you will see things in the store and randomly purchase them, that is a quick way to go WAY over your budget. You have to go in with an idea of how much you are going to spend. Break it down using your Master List. Each person on the list allocate a certain amount of your budget. If you have wiggle room in your budget to add yourself make sure you also do that. It is also the best time of the year to stock up on the items we personally need! 

3)  Make A List of Your Favorite Stores 

There are an overwhelming amount of both chain stores and online stores today. There is no possible way that you can hit every one of them. Once again using that master list that you made figure out which stores are going to get the most of your list crossed off. Put them in order of importance. Once you have your list of stores go online and see what time their sales start. This will help you have a plan of attack.

4) Don't Forget to support LOCAL and MLM companies

Don't get so wrapped up in the idea of chain stores that you forget to shop some of your favorite boutiques and support you fellow boss babes. Many direct selling companies are going to have HUGE Black Friday sales. Let's be honest some of the best products on that market today are found in home based businesses. 

5) Get on Lists and Join Rewards Programs

Be the first one to know when the Black Friday deals hit. Many of the reps for your favorite products already have lists going for their customers for BF sales. Join e-mail lists of boutiques that you have been in love with but can't afford. You will also want to become a part of rewards programs for any of the stores you plan on shopping at.
((Side Note: My company is going to have an AMAZING BF sale. I am going to be helping everyone on my list take advantage of that and grab a FREE hair product. If you want on my list comment below or hit the FOLLOW button on the right hand side!))

6) Download A Cash Back App 

This is really something you should have all year long gathering cash back for you. A popular and SECURE app to use is called DOSH. This app links your debit/credit card and scans for all potential cash back opportunities. No need to scan receipts. This app carries almost every online chain store you can think of and many of your local stores and gas stations. If you plan on making any large purchases this will be a must for you! 
You can download the app using this link
When you link your card you will automatically get a $5 reward! 

6)  Focus on Brands/Products That Rarely Go On Sale 

Again, it is really easy to get sucked in to all the ads and sales. Keep in mind that sales is all about strategy and marketing. If you have seen a product on sale already this year there is a good chance that it will go on sale again. However, there are things that never go on sale! Those are the items that you want to focus your money on! 

7) Be Prepared on Black Friday 

We all know that this day can start early, end late and be very overwhelming. The best and only way to avoid the day becoming a complete disaster is being prepared. There are a few very simple things that you can do to make your day more enjoyable. 
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 
Plan your route.
 Make sure your phone is fully charged and bring a portable charger. 
Take your ads with you.
 Have a driver.
If possible bring your family with you and make it a family outing! <3

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